Bow! – David Krejci

Bow! - David Krejci

Seven Less Fingers

I saw a guy, I liked him a lot
He’s the sun in every sun spot
He looked just like a king lying in a cot
And he’s not, he’s not anybody
He’s not any body

I know this girl, she’s a killer in a box
She’s got the power of scotch on the rocks
And she sings like the water underneath the docks
Cuz she’s not, she’s not anybody
She’s not any body

I need a fairy apothecary. Something better than a spoon and a cherry
Maybe an ape, or a complicated Snape
I do so much better when I can’t find my cape

I like everybody, even the fool
I can swim in anybody’s pool
And if you ask me why I think you’re cool it’s cuz yer not.
You’re not anybody. You’re not any body.