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David Krejci Piano Organ Music

Seven Less Fingers
Recorded @ Albatross Studios, 2008 by Mike Wisti © Cleophone Records 2009

Seven Less Fingers
Songs by David Krejci
David Krejci: Vocals, Piano, Organ
Nick Larsen: Percussion, Bass [In the Cemetery]
Mike Wisti: Trumpet
Elaine Evans: Violin, Clarinet

VINYL: $15

Seven Less Fingers

live.acadia.09142004 :: David Krejci

David Krejci Live at Acadia 09142004

Seven Less Fingers

“My Funny Valentine” by Rogers & Hart.
“My Favorite Things” by Rogers & Hammerstein.
“When Your Lover Is a Spider” By David Krejci.

David Krejci: Wurlizter Electric Piano and Farfisa Organ

Recorded live @ Acadia, Sept. 14, 2004

Farfisa Leslie Krejci at Heliotrope
Live @ Heliotrope 2003

David Krejci @ HelioTrope 2003

Paralyzing Doses of Fun :: Reverend Angus Strychn

Listen to this record at Doses.Com

Reverend Angus Strychn :: Paralyzing Doses of Fun

Seven Less Fingers

All songs by David Krejci

David Krejci's Doses.Com

Reverend Angus Strychn: Vocals, Piano, Organ, Guitar

David Krejci's Doses.Com

Recorded to Tascam 424 on Wheeler Street, St. Paul MN, 1993